Clients We define ourselves by our Clients, not our Competitors.


"Matian Law Group provides consulting services to guide and assist the City in its efforts to significantly improve its workers’ compensation program. This is done through client training, research, extensive file reviews, litigation strategy meetings, and proactive resolution efforts with not only City Risk Management staff but also City employees and retirees."


"Over the last six years we have seen our litigated matters settle quicker and for less money. During a recent claim closure project, the Matian firm was able to settle about 70 % of our old open claims and reduced reserves nearly 40%. A savings of over $650,000.00. I work with law firms all across the U.S. and can honestly say the Matian Law Group is one of the best in the country."


"Since bringing them onboard for the management of our claims at The Millard Group, this firm has single handedly helped us decrease our CA inventory by 50%. This firm’s responsiveness and attention to detail is second to none and along with their aggressive approach to settling and keeping the claims costs down, they have now become an integral part of my claims department."


"I have never experienced a call or email going unaddressed by you or anyone in your firm, . . . . We do not get the same level of detail from many of our other firms in California or other states."


"They demonstrate a drive to resolve quickly and they are extremely thorough in the adjudication of the claim."


"MLG always delivers on their promise to respond to all emails within 24 hours – no matter the subject! From general questions to case law inquiries to quick summaries of hearings, I can always rely on knowing I will hear back from them within the next business day!"

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