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As Part of National Healthcare Fraud Sweep, Los Angeles-Based Prosecutors Filed 16 Cases Alleging $660 Million in Fraudulent Bills

LOS ANGELES – In another massive law enforcement action targeting health care fraud,
federal authorities here announced today criminal cases naming a total of 33 defendants – including
doctors, pharmacists and an attorney – who have been charged in a wide-range of schemes that
collectively attempted to bilk public and private insurance programs out of more than $660 million.

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Gov. Brown just appointed a very accomplished & senior gentleman to the WCAB

Unfortunately, for us he has little legal experience, does not
possess a J.D. and I question whether any of his past employment
has anything to do with workers’ compensation. My optimism,
hopes that this type of background will provide us with objective
decision making and a neutral eye to the issues before him.
Cross your fingers!

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The Legislature address fraud with the enactment of  SB 1160 and AB 1244 effective 1/1/17. Whenever criminal charges are filed against a medical provider (treatment or med-legal) based on Workers’ Compensation fraud, Medicare fraud, Medi-Cal fraud, Insurance fraud or Medical billing fraud, Labor Code Section 4615 mandates that any liens asserted by provider, as well as the accrual of interest, will be stayed until such time that a disposition is achieved in the criminal case. Our list provides you with the names and tax ID’s of the providers that you should red flag when considering what balances to pay and what liens to negotiate.  

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National Workers' Comp & Disability Conference & Expo 12/5/18-12/7/18

Presentation: “Debating Medicare Compliance Requirements” on 12/6/18 with Travis Smith

Presentation: “The Science Fiction of Medical Causation” on 12/5/18 with Barry D. Bloom and Rajiv Das, M.D.

PARMA  Annual Conference February 2019 

Presentation: “The Art of Non-Submission” on 2/12/19 with Jake Reason and Deanna Soria


2019 CLM Annual Conference 3/13/19 – 3/15/19

Presentation: This is going to be merged from 3 different session proposals about Marijuana. The details are still pending but it looks like the previously mentioned panelists are Ronald Thakery (AMR), Edward Canavan (Sedgwick), Debra Doby (Goldberg Segalla LLP), Holly Zeitz (Adelson, Testan, Brundo, Novell & Jimenez), Jeff Marshall (Maes, Inc.)

Past Events

2018 CWC & Risk Conference 9/4/18 – 9/7/18

Presentation: “Case Law Update 2018” on 9/5/18 with Honorable Robert G. Rassp, WC Administrative Law Judge and Adam Dombchik, Esq.

“The Art of Non-Submission”

2018 CCWC 16TH Annual Conference 7/11/18 – 7/13/18

Presentation: “Case Law Update” with Adam Dombchik, Judge Paige Levy, Rodney Kesner

Presentation: “Real Conversations About Comp” with David L. Pollck, Robert G. Rassp, Adam Dombchik, George Gamez, Jack Goodchild, Laureen Gary

Presentation: “Quagmires of Work Comp” with William Zachry and John Riggs

CLM & Business Insurance Workers’ Comp Conference 5/22/18 – 5/24/18

Presentation: “ADAA, and Workers’ Comp Collide: Reconciling Disability Accommodation and Workers’ Compensation Requirements” on 5/23/18 with Erin Foley, Carolyn Horton, Rajiv Das

Presentation: “Sexual Harassment in 2018” with Edward Canavan, Erin Foley

2018 CSIA Regional Conference Meeting 5/11/18

Presentation: “Quagmires of Work Comp” on 5/11/18 with William Zachry and Phil Millhollon

“The Art of Non-Submission”

2018 PARMA Conference 2018 2/14/18 – 2/16/18

Presentation: “When FEHA, ADA, and Workers’ Compensation Collide” on 2/15/18 with Darin Hampton, Dana Peterson and Laurie Gary

“The Art of Non-Submission”

2017 CWC & Risk Conference 9/5/17-9/8/17

Presentation: “Understanding the Intersection Between Employment Law and Workers’ Compensation” with Dana Peterson and Darin Hampton

“The Art of Non-Submission”

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