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Negar Matian, Esq. Managing Partner

Negar Matian, Esq. started Matian Law Group ("MLG") in 2011 after practicing law for ten years under traditional law firm settings. Since forming MLG, Ms. Matian has distinguished her firm by earning its reputation as the top closing firm on several legal panels. Ms. Matian has successfully defended both large and small employers against multiple high exposure and catastrophic cases involving 132a filings, S&W allegations with corresponding OSHA violations, and Statute of Limitations defenses. In addition, she has aggressively and strategically settled her cases far below the reserved budget by mitigating overall litigation costs using evidence-based medicine, restructured MSAs, and experts in toxicology and epidemiology.

Due to Ms. Matian's valuable expertise and bold approach, MLG has been in constant demand and experienced rapid growth. Her practice has evolved into lobbying for large employers, providing training and assistance for Third Party Administrators including Sedgwick CMS and York Risk Services, and speaking at national and local conferences.

Specifically, Ms. Matian is a frequent speaker at workers' compensation conferences throughout California including PARMA, CSIA, CCWC, CWC & RISK. She is also an active member of the California Coalition on Workers' Compensation Conference Committee which focuses on advancing legislative reform, leadership, and advocacy in the workers' compensation system.

Currently, Ms. Matian is busy working in tandem with the DWC and CompSense on improving QME Regulations. This year, she is presenting on several topics that include how to aggressively close claims utilizing a more sophisticated litigation process.


University of California, Davis: Graduated with dual degrees in Communications and Biology, Highest Honors
University of California, Davis School of Law: Moot Court, Intern for the 9th Circuit Appellate Court 


CCWC 16th Annual Conference Legislative & Educational Forum 
California Coalition on Workers Compensation 
California Self Insurance Associates 
California Workers Compensation & Risk Conference 
Public Agency Risk Management Association 
California Self Insurance Associates 
California Workers Compensation & Risk Conference 
Foodservice Industry Risk Management Association


When FEHA, ADA, and Workers Compensation Collide PARMA (2018)
COLA, Case Law & Legislative Update Sedgwick Claims Management (2018)
Understanding the Intersection Between Employment Law, the Interactive Process and Workers Compensation CWC and Risk (2017)
Applying Evidence Based Standards to Causation of Injury CCWC (2017)
Knowing When Almaraz/Guzman Sticks CWC and Risk (2016)
IMR: Law, Decision and Trends CSIA (2016)
Knowing when Almaraz /Guzman Works and When it Doesn't CCWC (2016)
WorkComp 101 Disability Management Employer Coalition (2016)
Case Law Update PARMA Regional (2016)
Workers Compensation Fraud presented with District Attorney Jennifer Snyder YORK Risk Services (2016)
Causation and Epidemiology presented with Dr. Pamela Mahoney Tristar Risk Management (2015)


"The Evolution of Apportionment" March 2016
"The Medical Treatment Utilization Schedule" January 2016
"Home Health Care Services" August 2015
"Utilization Review and IMR" April 2015
"Home Health Care ODG v ACOEM" April 2015 January 2015
"IMR Noteworthy Decision: Topical & Compound Creams" February 2015
"Almaraz/Guzman and Figure 15-19" December 2014

Matthew Giuliani, Esq. Senior Partner

Matthew Giuliani, Esq., completed his Master of Laws degree in 2012 at Southwestern Law School. Mr. Giuliani now exclusively specializes in California Workers' Compensation Law as a Senior Associate. He is committed to expedited resolution of case-in-chief claims at depositions and MSCs, plus assessing lien exposure and resolving lien claims at conferences and trials. Mr. Giuliani possesses exceptional legal analysis, written and practice skills, with an emphasis on the "bigger picture," enabling him to provide practical solutions to legal issues with the ultimate goal of accelerated resolution. Mr. Giuliani has become a seasoned Workers' Compensation Law defense attorney, having prevailed at Trial on AOE/COE, MPN, Medical Necessity, and Fee Schedule issues. 

Mr. Giuliani previously practiced law in Australia, with a focus in industrial and workers' compensation law, providing employers with advice about industrial relations, workers' compensation, and workplace health and safety laws. Mr. Giuliani changed legal jurisdictions by moving to Los Angeles in 2012, completing a Master of Laws program in 2012, and passing the California Bar exam on his first attempt in February 2013. He achieved all of this within the span of 15 months. Mr. Giuliani received his Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice (Hon) (LLB/LP) in conjunction with a Bachelor of International Studies (BIS) from Flinders University, Australia in 2010. He was admitted to the South Australian Supreme Court and the High Court of Australia in 2011. 


Flinders University: Flinders' Law Students Association, Golden Key International Honors Society (top 15% of the University 2006), Graduated with Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice with Honors (LLB/LP), and Bachelor of International Studies (BIS).

Southwestern Law School: Vice-President of the International Students Association, Masters Research Assistant and TA for Legal Writing 1L Class, Graduated with Master of Laws Degree (LLM).


Admitted to the State Bar of California, Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of South Australia (State); Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of Australia (Federal).


Linda Mojica Office Manager

Linda Mojica has been involved in the field of Workers' Compensation since 2012. She is the Executive Administrative Associate, providing management of attorneys and clients along with all aspects of firm supervision. Ms. Mojica also administers one of our biggest client's "Closing Project" which aggressively and efficiently settles and closes a large volume of claims, thereby reducing the overall cost of litigation. Ms. Mojica ensures that the project runs smoothly and successfully, making sure that all claims are closed in a timely manner within budget parameters while also meeting the client's goals. She provides oversight for Ms. Matian to guarantee that all clients are receiving exceptional service and responsiveness as well as maintaining our firm's overarching goal of exceeding client expectations.


Los Angeles Valley College: Emphasis on Pre-Law Studies 
South Coast College: Emphasis on Paralegal Studies

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